Making Space

Sunday, 18th July, 2022. 1pm to 4pm.

Almost every day we come across small pockets of green spaces hidden amongst the city streets..from the popular and well-used to the unloved, they all add to the patchwork of micro-environments that contribute to the city. Over the past four years we have been hosting get-togethers and workshops in the Fair Street Pocket Park and exploring some of the possibilities for the space. Now, as part of the Mayor of London’s #festivalofideasLDN we want to ask you what ideas you may have for this space and the many others like it across the city. At this FREE event we will be collecting your ideas and thoughts about how to create a sustainable, usable space for the community.

  • How can these spaces help to protect the environment?
  • Who does, could, or should manage them?
  • How can we make them more appealing for children to play in?
  • Should we promote small community food growing programmes in these spaces?
  • What can we do to promote greater bio-diversity?

ACTIVITY: Wild at Heart: A family friendly workshop making flowers with a “wild” secret.

To help explore your ideas for the future of these spaces we will be collecting your ideas for a podcast as part of the Festival of Ideas. What is it that you like about these pockets of green? Or what stops you from enjoying them as much as you could?

ACTIVITY: Help to plant our new mobile planter which can be taken across the estate to host gardening sessions or herb tea tasting.

Join the Avant-Gardeners for free workshops and picnic and help us to paint a picture of the future of these essential green spaces.

ACTIVITY: Contribute to the Making Spaces podcast for the Festival of Ideas

And don’t forget your picnic blanket so you can relax with some FREE refreshments.