Wilding the Fair Street Pocket Park

Following on from our late-autumn bulb planting session we will shortly be starting the next phase of improvements to the Fair Street Pocket Park. Ongoing Covid-19 restrictions mean that we are not able to invite people along to join us at the moment, but, we are following current rules and look forward to being able to get the Fair Street gardeners back ASAP!

The changes we will be making in the next couple of weeks include:

A green pollution barrier: We will be planting a mix of shrubs, hedging and ivy along the perimeter of the garden, against the fence adjoining Tanner Street. Research shows that plants can trap some of the airborne particulates created by traffic. An added bonus is that the planting design will also help to reduce the ambient noise of the road. Together these will help to make the space healthier and more pleasant for users.

Wildflower Garden: Diversification of planting will help to support insect life and provide nectar sources for bees. The main wildflower area is by the Fair Street side entrance to the pocket park. Native grasses will add height and also help with natural drainage in the space. The wild flowers selected have been chosen for their wildlife supporting properties.

Fern Garden: We will be expanding the fern garden by the bug hotel. This area of the park has already attracted more birds to the space and the addition of more ferns and wildflowers will make this an even more enticing space for birds and insects.

In the spring we will be working on the herb garden – a boon for flavour residents!

illustrated map